Protect your forage and hay production — as well as your bottom line — from sandbur with a successful program approach, featuring Bayer pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions.


Start with a soil test.


By determining your needs in late fall or early winter, you’re able to make fall applications (for best results) and build a strong foundation for reaching your forage goals. Timing is everything; even if you think you’re safe from sandbur, combining cultural, biological and chemical inputs (Integrated Vegetation Management) ensures you’re covered from all angles.


Add the science-based solutions of Bayer for effective control.


Follow the chart below for rate-per-acre calculations and application notes on pre-emergent Prowl H20 and post-emergent Pastora® solutions to address your needs.


sandbur solutions application chart





Go ahead, protect the herd.  We’re right there with you.


For more information, download our Sandbur Solutions PDF.


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