Invora™ Herbicide Receives EPA Approval

Invora™ Herbicide Receives EPA Approval

Supporting rangeland restoration through long-term control of a broad spectrum of brush, including honey mesquite and huisache

The Vegetation Management business within Bayer CropScience LP, announces the label for its latest product. Invora™ Herbicide has received federal approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The herbicide is federally registered for use on privately-owned, non-hayed rangeland and non-hayed perennial grasslands managed as rangeland in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.1

What is Invora Herbicide?

Invora Herbicide is a combination of aminocyclopyrachlor and triclopyr, Group 4 herbicide, for control of invasive species on non-hayed private rangeland in TX, OK, NM, and AZ.1

Key benefits:

// New active ingredient for managing undesirable woody brush and weeds on rangeland

// Effective long-term control of honey mesquite and huisache

// A tool for use in rangeland restoration efforts

// Proven extended treatment life, resulting in favorable economics compared to past standards

// PRE and POST control of many broadleaf weeds through both root and shoot uptake

// Bayer’s next generation stewardship strategy to avoid impacting the compost industry or neighbors

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When will Invora Herbicide be available?

First sales of Invora herbicide are anticipated in April 2020 following state registrations.

At this time, Invora Herbicide has been submitted for registration in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.

For more information

// Visit us at the upcoming Cattle Raisers Convention & Expo March 27 – 29, 2020 in Forth Worth, Texas

// Reach out to us at 1-800-331-2867

// Contact your Invora Herbicide representative below

ASM Tom Dinn

Tom Dinn

Arizona and West New Mexico

Gerald Hobson

Gerald Hobson

West Texas, East New Mexico, and West Oklahoma

Invora Herbicide is not for sale at this time.

Invora Herbicide is a RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE. Prior to spraying, all applicators must complete picolinic acid herbicide training.

1Invora Herbicide is not yet registered in the following states, registration has been submitted: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.