As a Industrial Vegetation Manager, you go ahead of the rest, clearing a path, keeping rights-of-way safe and sight lines clear. Maintaining everything from roadways to railroads to utility bareground areas is a tough job, and it often goes unnoticed. But you don’t want recognition. You want the tools to get the job done right. That’s where we come in.

We’re investing in new solutions for Industrial Vegetation Management, to kill invasive weeds, control tough brush and more. We’re proud to partner with you. By combining our science with your strength, we’ll help you enhance the safety, appearance and habitat of our land, and protect the people who live, work and play there.

We have the products that can change the game, and we’re right there with you. So go ahead, lead on.



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Bayer Esplanade EZ HerbicideBayer Esplanade 200 SC Herbicide

Bayer Perspective HerbicideBayer Viewpoint Herbicide 

Bayer Method 240SL HerbicideBayer Streamline Herbicide

Bayer Derigo HerbicideBayer Escort XP Herbicide 

Bayer Hyvar XL HerbicideBayer Hyvar X Herbicide

Bayer Krenite S HerbicideBayer Krovar I DF Herbicide 

Bayer Landmark XP HerbicideBayer Lineage Herbicide

Bayer Oust XP Herbicide


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