Derigo is the most versatile tool in roadside management. This broad-spectrum, post-emergent herbicide provides offers a one-stop solution for post-emergent weed control and plant growth regulation. Derigo is ideal for selective and bare-ground weed control in areas including non-irrigation ditch banks, pipelines, airports, railroads, utility rights-of-way, parks, natural areas, recreational areas, military installations, educational facilities, restoration sites, municipal sites, manufacturing sites, sewage disposal sites and commercial sites.

Superior all-in-one weed control and plant growth regulation

  • Controls more than 30 species of undesirable grasses and more than 100 broadleaf weeds
  • Provides seed head and growth suppression benefits on bahiagrass
  • Synergistic formulation is easy to mix and apply in a roadside situation
  • Low volatility, low use rate combination of new active ingredients for the roadside segment
  • Can be used on many desirable warm-season grasses including bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass
  • Fewer applications result in reduced time, fuel and labor costs

Weeds controlled

Broadleaf weeds:
Dogfennel, dandelion, buckhorn plantain, common chickweed, marestail, ragweed, American burnweed

Grassy weeds:
Tall fescue, annual ryegrass, broadleaf signalgrass, Johnsongrass, vaseygrass, foxtails, green kyllinga, rattail fescue

Please see the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.

Labels & Sizes

Derigo Herbicide - 60 ounces - Derigo provides a full utility spectrum to offer a one-stop solution for post-emergent weed control and plant growth regulation
4 x 60 oz bottle
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