Method 240SL


Method 240SL

Product Overview

A strong, foundational herbicide for broadleaf weed and brush control.

Spray programs are not all created equally as every climate, operation and region faces unique challenges. With Method, a foundational herbicide for broadleaf and brush control, vegetation managers have the power to design a precise tool that meets the needs of their operation. This helps simplify their operation and save time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility in spraying and custom blending
  • Reduce inventory – Method is used in bareground, selective weeding, invasive, foliar brush, cut stubble, basal, cut stump, and hack and squirt applications
  • May be used for Individual Plant Treatments in all rights-of-way VM sites transecting grazed areas*
  • Combine it with Esplanade® for a dynamic bareground solution
  • Custom blend or add mixing partners to suit your specific application targets
  • Improved accuracy when mixing
  • Flexible use rates – typically 4-8 oz. per acre for Selective Weeding, 10-18 oz. per acre for Brush depending on the species and up to 18 oz. per acre for Bareground
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced labor, inventory and transportation costs
  • Reduced packaging and disposal
  • Reliable in all vegetation control settings

*See approved label for VM use sites

Use & Control

Weeds and Brush Controlled

Broadleaf Weeds: Bindweed, knapweed, leafy spurge, horseweed/marestail, Kochia, poison hemlock, prickly lettuce, Russian thistle, Canada thistle and more
Brush: Autumn olive, Eastern baccharis, box elder, Brazilian pepper, buckthorn, callery pear, hackberry and sugarberry, huisache, loblolly pine, mesquite and more

Caution: Injury or loss of desirable trees or vegetation may result if Method is applied on or near desirable trees or vegetation, on areas where their roots extend, or in locations where the treated soil may be washed or moved into contact with their roots. Certain species of conifers, deciduous trees, and ornamental shrubs may be sensitive to low levels of Method.

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.

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