Krenite S


Krenite S

Product Overview

Krenite® S* herbicide brush control agent is a water-soluble liquid to be diluted with water and applied as a foliar spray for control and/or suppression of many woody species.

*Krenite is a registered trademark of Albaugh Inc.

Key Benefits

Krenite S may be applied for use in:

  • Pine plantations and non-crop sites
  • Highway rights-of-way
  • Industrial sites
  • Railroad rights-of-way
  • Storage areas
  • Utility and pipeline rights-of-way

Use & Control

Plants controlled:
American beautyberry (french mulberry), ash, baccharis (groundsel tree), blackberry, black gum, black locust, box elder, cherry, dogwood, elm (winged, slipper), oaks (red, white), red maple, sassafras, sourwood, vaccinium (blueberry) species, wax myrtle (bayberry) and wild grape.

Please see the product label for a full list of diseases.

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