Velpar® DF VU

Velpar® DF VU
Velpar DF VU is an effective general herbicide providing both contact and residual control of many annual and biennial weeds and woody plants. It is also effective for control of most perennial weeds. Velpar DF VU herbicide is a water-dispersible granule that is mixed in water and applied as a spray.

Velpar DF VU controls weeds in:

  • Forestry site preparation and release areas
  • Christmas tree areas
  • Industrial areas

It may also be applied as a basal soil treatment for brush control in:

  • Reforestation areas
  • Rangeland
  • Pastures
  • Noncrop areas

Please see the product label for a full list of weeds and brush controlled. Do not use on crops.

Always read and follow label instructions.


Labels & Sizes

Velpar DF VU 4 lb bottle
8 x 4 lb bag
Velpar DF VU 20 lb bag
20 lb bag
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