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Invasive annual grasses are spreading at an alarming rate across the western U.S., degrading wildlife habitat, reducing ecosystem diversity and fostering more frequent wildfires.

With the help of Esplanade® 200 SC herbicide, it’s possible to stop invasive annual grasses by preventing germination of their seeds and depleting the seed bank. This helps protect land today for future tomorrows.

// Esplanade® 200 SC
a restoration herbicide

One pre-emergence application. Consistent multi-year control.

Esplanade 200 SC provides effective, long-lasting control of annual grass and broadleaf species. Managing the soil seed bank of these invasive annual plants results in ecosystem restoration of native rangelands.

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Esplanade 200 SC Stewardship Guide

Flip through the guide below to learn about the restoration of desirable vegetation in invasive winter annual grass dominated sites.

Esplanade 200 SC Stewardship Guide for Natural Areas
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