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Bayer brush solutions maintain power and reduce risk by clearing brush from utility lines, while enabling desirable vegetation and natural habitats along rights-of-way. Bayer has the smart solutions you can count on.

Smart Solution: IPT in Utility Rows

Control with Individual Plant Treatment applications are often more effective than broadcast treatments, reducing the risk of off-target herbicide movement and reducing costs under the right conditions when compared to broadcast treatments. Selective IPT applications (versus broadcast treatments) are also proven to protect important wildlife habitat and encourage the development of native grasses and forbs.

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Controlling Unwanted Vegetation & Helping Wildlife Thrive

Implementing Individual Plant Treatments can promote sustainable, low-growing native vegetation that controls unwanted trees and brush while helping local wildlife and pollinators prosper. Watch the video to learn the steps in implementing an IPT program.

Brush Solutions Guide

Our brush product portfolio offers solutions that are both powerful and flexible. Flip through the guide below to learn more.

Brush Solutions - Vegetation Management
// Escort® XP

Cost-effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds, plus tough woody plants. Known for low use rates and flexibility.
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// Krenite® S

Controls a broad-spectrum of undesirable woody brush species along roadsides and railroads without unsightly discoloration.
// Method® 240SL

Delivers broad-spectrum control and the flexibility to manage vegetation in roadways, railway, bareground or utility corridor settings.
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// Viewpoint®

Control the toughest brush species affecting power line rights-of-way to minimize service interruptions, labor-intensive hand-cutting and mechanical clearing.
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