Mix or blend?  That is the question in vegetation management, and Bayer is here to help. To learn how custom blending adds precision to your performance, let’s take a deeper look.


By eliminating the need for on-site mixing, your work — out in the field and down on the books — becomes more efficient in one step. Knowing the time it takes to ensure proper environmental control, consider how custom blending also reduces the rinsing, collection and disposal that can eat into your labor costs and overall budget. With products like Method® 240SL, that delivers effective control in any season or any geography, making it the ideal choice for custom blending with other products to meet your individual needs.


For the Top 5 Benefits of Custom Blending, see our infographic below, then download your copy to share with your team.


Top 5 Benefits of Custom Blending


Go ahead, lead the way with precision.  We’re right there with you. 


For more innovations, see our Bayer Vegetation Management product lineup.

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