There’s no room to gamble when your operation depends on broad-spectrum brush control; that’s why Bayer solutions are made to outperform the rest. 


Not all brush products are created equal. 


See for yourself when you compare Streamline® and Viewpoint® label-to-label versus Milestone® VM and Garlon® 3A.  Streamline® was proven to control more than 35 different species of weeds and brush and provide selective applications, while Viewpoint® controlled 40 species of weeds, vines and brush — the broadest brush control spectrum of any single product on the market today.  Do the math, and there’s only one choice for brush control:  Stay effective and efficient with Bayer from the start.



Total Number Of Brush Species Controlled Per Section 3 Of Label


Brush species controlled comparison graphic





Go ahead, clear the way with confidence.  We’re right there with you.


Download the Broad-Spectrum Brush Control Comparison



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