Permanone 30-30

Permanone 30-30

Permanone is the mainstay of the mosquito control section of many public health programs. It uses the pyrethroid permethrin as an active ingredient, along with the proven synergist PBO. Permanone provides rapid, reliable knockdown and kill of all mosquito species plus other listed nuisance pests.

Rapid, reliable knockdown and kill

  • Registered for both ground and aerial applications
  • Can be applied from thermal or non-thermal ULV equipment, backpack sprayer, and any other suitable spray equipment
  • Low odor, non corrosive
  • Effective against organophosphate-resistant mosquitoes
  • Applied with a light mineral oil, soybean oil or other suitable oil-based carrier
  • Shown in laboratory and field trials to be at least twice as effective as OP adulticides against troublesome species such as Aedes taeniorynchus, Aeded albopictus, Anopheles quadrimaculatus and Culex species
  • Labeled for use over a wide variety of crops and range grasses

Pests controlled

Adult mosquitoes, blackflies, deer flies, gnats, horse flies, midges, stable flies


Please see the product label for a full list of pests.

Labels & Sizes

Permanone 30-30 5 Gal.
5-gal. container
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30-gal. drum
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275-gal. tote
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