Product Overview

Fenstop is one of the best and most consistent fungicides against Phytophthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium diseases on ornamental plants.

Key Benefits

  • Controls all stages of Phytophthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium
  • Upwardly systemic movement within the plant
  • Up to 30 days of disease control
  • Foliar or drench application prior to disease development
  • For use in greenhouses


Where can Fenstop be applied?

Fenstop can be applied in greenhouses on ornamental plants.

Can Fenstop be applied through irrigation systems?

Fenstop is labled for use through overhead, microjet or drip irrigation.

What is the re-entry interval (REI) when using Fenstop?

The REI for Fenstop is 12 hours.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using Fenstop?

Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes plus socks, chemical-resistant gloves and protective eyewear are required.

How long will disease control last?

Fenstop can provide preventative disease control for up to 30 days.

Which types of Phytophthora does Fenstop control?

Fenstop is effective on all types and stages of Phytophthora, including root, stem and aerial/foliar diseases.

Does Fenstop control Impatiens Downy Mildew?

Yes, Fenstop provides excellent control of Impatiens Downy Mildew and works best when used preventively.

Will a drench application of Fenstop protect the entire plant?

When applied as a drench, Fenstop moves upwardly within the plant, providing protection to the roots, stem and foliage.

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