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Bayer offers solutions to your toughest weed challenges with a portfolio of proven postemergent weed solutions. With products like Celsius® WG, Revolver® and Tribute® Total, lawn care operators have the ability to effectively address difficult targets, timing and turf type so lawns stay healthy and your customers stay happy.
Celsius WG Herbicide Product Package

Celsius WG herbicide is a warm-season turf product that handles conditions that many other products cannot. It has one of the broadest spectrums of control on the market, controlling more than 130 weeds.

Revolver 1 Quart Bottle Product Package

Revolver herbicide controls many tough-to-control grassy weeds such as Poa annua, goosegrass, clumpy ryegrass and tall fescue. It is readily absorbed by foliage, where it stops production of key amino acids.

Tribute Total 6 oz Bottle Product Package

Tribute Total provides broad-spectrum weed control in Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. It is the complete solution for the most troublesome grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges.

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