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Women in Golf 2019

After three days filled with engaging activities, meaningful discussions and thought-provoking adventure, Bayer brought to a close their inaugural Women in Golf event for 2019. This event brought together 50 incredibly talented women involved in the turf and golf industry from all across the United States and Canada for an experience of a lifetime.
Women in Golf 2019

For female golf and turf professionals, Women in Golf offered a unique experience to women never seen before in the industry. “This event is history in the making,” said Kelly Lynch, Northern regional sales manager for Pure Seed. “What a gift, what an opportunity. I’m tremendously grateful to Bayer for putting together something like this.” Not only did it give participants the opportunity to learn from and engage with other female professionals in ways that would help them grow and explore different roles in the golf and turf industry, but it also presented itself as a safe space for heart-to-hearts and one-on-ones, and, simply put, as a place of inclusion. “This was the single greatest event I’ve ever been to,” said Carmen Kusiek, a foreman at Carnmoney Golf Club. “We are not alone in this industry, and learning that simple fact this week has given us all the inspiration to keep pursuing our passion in turf.” As a company, Bayer is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in our workforce and it is a value we want to share and expand in the market.

The agenda included a variety of insightful presentations from Bayer professionals and third party experts that led discussions and participated in panels. These qualified women shared their experiences transparently and openly with the goal that attendees would learn from their personal and professional experiences.

“This event is history in the making. What a gift, what an opportunity. I’m tremendously grateful to Bayer for putting together something like this.”

– Kelly Lynch, Pure Seed

Women in Golf 2019

A number of turf experts presented at Women in Golf 2019. From left: Kelly Lempert, Golfdom; Sheryl Wells, Ph.D., Bayer; Kimberly Erusha, Ph.D.; Carol Rau, PHR, Career Advantage Golf; Kerry Whale, Allturf; Clara Richter, Golfdom; Bethany Chambers, Golfdom. Not pictured is Susan Hite, Hite Resources and Ildem Bozkurt, Head of Pest Management and Public Health, Bayer. (Bayer)

Women in Golf 2019

Small group discussions on career growth opportunities in the industry were one of the many interactive happenings at Women in Golf 2019. (Bayer)

“It’s hard to put into words how monumental the event was,” said Rachel DeRuyte, an assistant superintendent in training at The National Golf Club of Canada. “Women in Golf was truly an experience of a lifetime. Thank you to all of the speakers – your words were impactful beyond belief.”

It is a common saying that all good things must come to an end, but for many of the attendees this event marked the beginning: the beginning of new paths, friendships, collaborations, relationships, and experiences

Women in Golf 2019

Gilles Galliou, Head of Environmental Science – Region Americas, welcomes the participants to Women in Golf 2019. (Bayer)

Women in Golf 2019

Gary Ryan, Head of Grounds Management at the Bayer Education and Research Facility in Clayton, kicks off a tour of the facility. (Bayer)

“Inspired, moved, and honored to be a part of the Women in Golf event. Thank you Bayer for providing a platform for some incredible women to network and share their stories”

– Emily Braithwaite