Maximizing Renovation Part 1: Controlling Existing Turf and Weeds with RoundUp

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Successfully converting to improved bermudagrass or Seashore Paspalum requires effective kill of existing bermudagrass followed by controlling annual grasses post-sprigging. Here are some options for controlling.

  • Apply Roundup® pre-sprig - two applications of RoundUp ProMax® (3.3 qt/A) + Fusilade® II (24 oz/A) or RoundUp Pro® Concentrate (4.0 qt/A) + Fusilade II (24 oz/A) to actively growing bermudagrass, three to five weeks apart. Timing of first application should be six to ten weeks before sprigging followed by a second application made up to two days before sprigging
  • Three applications improve control - three applications of RoundUp are typically recommended to achieve >90% control of bermudagrass, but adding Fusilade II to RoundUp can provide similar control with only two applications. Rates need to be reduced to fit under yearly maximums for RoundUp ProMax (7 qt/A/yr) and RoundUp Pro Concentrate (8.5 qt/A)
  • More applications are better than higher rates - repeated applications of RoundUp every three to five weeks at lower rates is more effective than applying fewer applications at higher rates
  • Apply to green bermudagrass if possible - all applications are more effective when applied to green bermudagrass. Though it’s counter- intuitive, maintain soil moisture and apply 1 lb quick-release N/1,000 ft2 one week after the first RoundUp application to improve bermuda recovery and thus uptake and translocation of the second application
  • More information – always refer to the label for specific recommendations. Contact your Bayer area sales manager if you need assistance.

bermudagrass turf prior to regrassing 


Contaminants, like common bermudagrass, can re-emerge following a renovation and create quite an eyesore. Multiple applications of RoundUp® can effectively kill the existing bermudagrass turf prior to regrassing (Bayer).

Todd Lowe

by Todd Lowe , Todd Lowe, M.S., Green Solutions Team

Monday, April 5, 2021