Maximizing Goosegrass Control with Ronstar in Fairways

Ronstar is still one of the best choices for controlling goosegrass and here are some strategies for maximizing control:

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Though Ronstar (HRAC-14) is highly effective on goosegrass, rotating herbicide modes of action (MOA) is absolutely critical to limit chances of resistance

  • Specticle (HRAC=29) is another top preemergence option for goosegrass control to rotate with Ronstar
  • DinitroanilinePRE herbicides - Barricade® (Syngenta), Dimension® (Corteva), or Pendulum (BASF) (all HRAC=3) are options, but often efficacy is sometimes lower than expected
  • POST herbicides add additional MOAs – many options are available including Revolver® (HRAC=2), Sencor (HRAC =C1) Tribute Total® (HRAC=2) on bermuda and/or zoysia plus Acclaim® Extra (HRAC=1) on zoysia and cool-season turf species

Warm-season fairways

  • First PRE application - since Ronstar FLO cannot be applied to green turfgrass, applications should be made only to dormant turf at 2.0 -3.0 lbs ai/A
    • Ronstar is the only preemergence herbicide that can be applied even if winterkill is suspected because it can be sprigged into with bermudagrass
  • Second PRE application –Ronstar on fertilizer at 2.0 lbs ai/A should be applied 60-90 days after the first application or when crabgrass/goosegrass is germinating in untreated areas
    • Another option - Specticle FLO at 4.5 to 6.0 fl oz/A could also be used for this application
  • POST application needed? - Revolver or Tribute Total can be used on bermudagrass; and Revolver, Tribute Total, or Acclaim Extra can be used on zoysiagrass. These herbicides are most effective when applied to young goosegrass, but tankmix with Specticle to extend residual control

Cool-season fairways

  • One application of Ronstar on fertilizer at 3.0 lbs ai/A - avoid large particle sizes and low spread rates. Do not apply to wet turf and choose smaller particle sizes with larger spread rates to maximize control
  • Split applications improve control - Ronstar on fertilizer at 2.0 + 2.0 lbs ai/A applied 4-6 weeks apart will also expand the window of control
  • Crabgrass a serious problem? - an early spring application of Barricade, Dimension or pendimethalin followed 4 to 5 weeks later by Ronstar on fertilizer at 3.0 lbs ai/A should provide season-long control of both weeds
  • Ronstar FLO - not labelled for use on cool-season grasses
  • POST application needed? – Acclaim Extra can be used on all cool-season turf species. Check label for specific recommendations.

More information – always refer to the label for specific recommendations. See the linked Bayer Solutions Guide and contact your Bayer area sales manager  if you need assistance

uncontrolled dorminant weed

As a warm-season annual, goosegrass can become a dominant weed if not controlled (Bayer).

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Zac Reicher

by Zac Reicher , Ph.D., Green Solutions Team Specialist

Monday, January 10, 2022