Not Too Late to Control Nematodes

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Though the worst of the summer weather is hopefully behind us, there is ample time to control nematodes in both cool- and warm-season greens in order to help maximize performance next year.

  • Symptoms of nematode feeding:
    • Below ground: Reduced rooting, root lesions, root knots or root galls, excessive root branching, injured root tips and root rots (rot associated with bacteria and fungi).
    • Above ground: Patchy yellowing, thinning, wilting, poor response to fertilizers and irrigation, and overall unhealthy turf in spite of adequate management inputs.
  • Lab samples:
    • Laboratory diagnosis will confirm specie(s) and size of population(s), but labs vary widely in their threshold values for treatment.
    • Laboratory analysis can only help to determine that nematodes are involved in the symptoms but cannot confirm if they are the primary cause.
  • Maximize cultural practices – Reducing stress to create healthier turf will help minimize damage and maximize control.
  • Control all soil-borne diseases – Pythium root rot, summer patch, take-all patch (creeping bentgrass), and take all root rot (bermudagrass) will amplify damage from nematodes.
  • Apply Indemnify® in the fall:
    • Improves root and shoot regrowth for both cool- and warm-season greens following summer stress and reduces nematode populations prior to winter, likely resulting in improved winter tolerance and spring turf response.
    • Provides curative and preventative control of plant parasitic nematodes including sting, root-knot, stunt, Anguina, and many more.
    • Easy to use with no need for excessive post-application irrigation, additional fungicides or wetting agents.
  • What about lance nematodes? – Lance nematodes are difficult to control and university nematologists agree that no current nematicide provides good control of lance nematodes. Indemnify can provide suppression of lance, but more importantly provides control of all other nematodes to improve root health and make the plant more tolerant of lance nematodes

Spring results from a fall application of Indemnify on ultradwarf bermudagrass (Courtesy of Tim Heirs, The Club at Mediterra)

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Zac Reicher

by Zac Reicher , Ph.D., Green Solutions Team Specialist

Monday, September 9, 2019

Todd Lowe

by Todd Lowe , Todd Lowe, M.S., Green Solutions Team

Monday, September 9, 2019