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Stressgard — Extraordinary is your new ordinary

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When you can count on your turf to be at its best, others can count on you to be at yours.

Your golfers want a greener, more consistent course. You want a little more time in your day. Stressgard goes beyond disease control to deliver both – allowing you to maximize your potential on and off the golf course. So whether that means finding time to be a better Superintendent, or even a super parent – Stressgard delivers.

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See the science behind the extraordinary

What you put on your turf matters. Signature XTRA Stressgard offers a level of safety and benefits that other phosphites alone have a hard time matching.

Stressgard is proven technology that:

//     Mitigates the full scope of biotic and abiotic stresses across your course
//     Offers immediate aesthetic benefits and long-lasting improvement to turf quality, color, density and overall health
//     Delivers a better, more consistent playing surface – even in unpredictable conditions

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// Versatility – for increased control and application flexibility

//     It is not dependent on a single active ingredient to deliver results
//     There is no danger of resistance development (as long as AIs are rotated properly)
//     No matter what disease or stress you’re dealing with, you can have Stressgard on your course all season long

// Consistent, predictable performance – for stronger plants

Stressgard improves chlorophyll stability and maintains photosynthetic function which results in:

//     Plant cell strength
//     Improved root function
//     Decreased or slowed root loss
//     Improved water utilization
//     Sustained chlorophyll content and chloroplast function – leading to a greener plant over a longer period of time 


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// Satisfaction – for you and your golfers, in terms of playability

Stressgard offers more than disease control, for benefits such as:

//     Drought tolerance and recovery
//     Traffic tolerance and recovery
//     Reducing shade issues
//     Reducing impact of ultraviolet radiation
//     Spring green-up and winter recovery
//     Enhancing photosynthesis in heat-stressed plants
//     Improving application safety 

// Made in the shade

Evidence suggests that pigmented products intensify the negative effects of shade and use should be avoided in shade-prone locations. While this may be true for some pigmented products including phosphites, Signature XTRA Stressgard has been proven to delay or eliminate the shade-induced canopy thinning from leaf etiolation and chlorosis and continues to be the clear choice for use on shaded putting greens.

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Creeping bentgrass putting green research site located in New Brunswick, NJ approximately twelve weeks after trial initiation. Plots remained covered with shade cloth allowing only 40% light penetration. The Signature XTRA Stressgard foundational program resulted in minimal amounts of visual shade symptoms whereas significant leaf chlorosis, canopy thinning, and subsequent algae proliferation were seen in untreated plots or plots receiving an alternative phosphite product.

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Redefine normal with Stressgard

Stressgard consistently outperforms the competition. Flip through the book below to learn more

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“Stressgard outperformed my traditional program in all areas…Excellent results and a perfect fit for any fairway program.”
– Bill Coulter, Montaup Country Club

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