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  • Bayleton 50

    Systemic fungicide that protects against some of the toughest turf and ornamental diseases.

  • Tartan Stressgard

    Broad-spectrum control that helps enhance stress tolerance.

  • Bayleton FLO

    Systemic fungicide with unsurpassed dollar spot control.

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  • Tartan Stressgard

    Bayer Tartan Stressgard Fungicide SDS

  • Bayleton 50

    Bayer Bayleton 50 turf and ornamental fungicide safety data sheet.

  • Bayleton FLO

    Bayer Bayleton FLO turf and ornamental fungicide safety data sheet.

Product Guides
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    Bayer Fairway Solutions FAQ

    Bayer Fairway Solutions is a program approach that controls the major diseases, but also utilizes StressGard™ Formulation Technology (FT) to unlock the maximum health potential of your cool-season fairways. It can be easily integrated into existing 14-, 21- or 28-day fairway programs to provide plant health and disease solutions.

White Papers & Resources
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  • Stressgard Testimonial: Midwest Region

    Golf course superintendents in the Midwest discuss using Stressgard® Formulation Technology. The director of turfgrass programs for the Chicago District Golf Association talks about turf research and the impact of Stressgard fungicide plus plant health promotion on turf quality. The superintendent at Coyote Run Golf Course in Flossmoor, Ill., discusses an unusual summertime outbreak of yellow tuft and shows a side-by-side comparison of a normal fungicide program versus the Stressgard program. The course superintendent of Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park, Ill., shares how he uses Stressgard to control disease and promote healthy turf.

  • Stressgard Research Plot Tour: Northeast Region

    Stressgard® products provide protection against fungus and promote plant health. A Bayer Environmental Science Green Solutions specialist visits Rutgers University to examine results of Stressgard turf disease management research. Research plots show the impact of non-DMI Interface® and other fungicides used to control dollar spot. The specialist discusses Signature™ as the cornerstone for summer disease management programs and Triton® FLO as a versatile fungicide for control of dollar spot, anthracnose, Waitea, fairy ring, and summer patch.

  • Improving Turf Health With Stressgard Technology

    See plots treated with Stressgard and other fungicides at Michigan State University's Hancock Turfgrass Research Center (from August 2010). The field day objective is to compare products under equal conditions in a nonbiased university setting. The plot treated with Reserve™ fungicide with Stressgard reveals healthy, dense turfgrass, and MSU Professor of Plant Pathology Joe Vargas explains how Stressgard Formulation Technology promotes plant health by protecting chloroplasts from ultraviolet light damage. Stressgard products like Reserve, Interface® and Signature® perform extremely well under hot conditions.

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