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  • Ronstar 50 WSP

    Distinguishes between roots of weeds and roots of desirable plants, unlike competition.

  • Specticle FLO

    Specticle FLO is a tool for pre-emergent weed control.

  • Revolver

    Works quickly on tough-to-control grassy weeds– even faster in warmer temperatures.

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  • What Is Specticle?

    Learn about Specticle pre-emergent herbicide. Specticle offers residual broadleaf and grassy weed control for up to 8 months on warm-season turf. See Specticle applications at Shadow Hawk Golf Club and Kingwood Golf Club in Houston, Texas. Specticle benefits include excellent turf tolerance, excellent performance and low use rates.

  • Bayer Beyond the Basics - Teeing Up Your Fungicide Program for Summer Season Success

    Dr. Lee Miller discusses summer fungicide success in this webinar. This 2012 GCSAA-accredited webinar is part of the Bayer turf management training series. Topics covered include preventive fungicide practices, how to monitor soil temperature, and controlling take-all patch, summer patch, fairy ring and dollar spot. Miller is from the University of Missouri.

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