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As a Mosquito Control Professional, you provide a vital service in your community. Bayer has the solutions you need – the same technologies we use to control mosquitoes worldwide can help protect your customers.

Make a difference against mosquitoes with DeltaGard

DeltaGard outperforms the competition at lower application rates while providing the superior efficacy you need to help protect your community from mosquitoes.
  • Fast knockdown
  • Superior efficacy
  • All crop tolerance
  • EPA reduced risk classification for wide area mosquito control
  • Patented formulation
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Count on the Unstoppable Staying Power of Suspend PolyZone

Suspend PolyZone features a proprietary polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from weather, irrigation, spray rinsing and mechanical abrasion.
  • Remains effective up to 90 days
  • Proprietary polymer formulation locks the AI in place and protects it from the elements
  • Broad label – controls over 50 pests
  • Provides long-term residual control even in harsh weather conditions
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Effectively control mosquitoes with water-based Aqua-Reslin

Aqua-Reslin and its proprietary FFAST® Technology help prevent evaporation allowing droplets to reach their target.
  • Fast and effective control of a wide range of biting insects
  • Highly resistant to evaporation
  • Quick knockdown
  • Synergized permethrin
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Get rapid, reliable knockdown and kill of mosquitoes

A mainstay of many public health programs, Permanone uses the pyrethroid permethrin as an active ingredient, along with the proven synergist PBO.
  • Reliable formulation
  • Effective against organophosphate-resistant mosquitoes
  • Labeled for use over a wide variety of crop and range grasses
  • Synergized permethrin
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