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Altus is a novel insecticide that can be used on a wide range of plants anytime during the production cycle for targeted control of whiteflies, aphids and other harmful insects. With Altus, growers can utilize long-lasting drench applications for more difficult crops (such as poinsettias) and containers (such as hanging baskets).

Altus contains Flupyradifurone, a butenolide chemistry that is a great fit for integrated pest management programs. With an excellent non-target safety profile, Altus offers flexible and long-lasting performance and is compatible with honey bees, bumble bees and many beneficial insects in all production ornamental settings.

Flexible, long-lasting performance
  • Compatible with or low impact on honey bees, bumble bees and many beneficial arthropods
  • No application timing restrictions. Labeled for use before, during and after plant bloom.
  • Excellent residual control – up to 4-6 weeks
  • Four-hour, re-entry interval (REI) minimizes business disruption (12-hour REI in CA.)
  • Rapid and strong feeding cessation effect
  • Rotational chemistry reduces risk of resistance
  • One product treats all greenhouse crops, including vegetable transplants
  • Classified as a reduced risk product by the EPA

Pests Controlled:

Aphids, Leafhoppers, Whiteflies, Scales, Psyllids
Please see the product label for a full list of pests.

Use sites:

Production ornamentals, greenhouse vegetables and transplants, fruits, nut trees and landscapes.

Application Methods:

Foliar and drench

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Systemic and foliar control of difficult insects, including sucking pests.

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