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Nothing lasts longer.
  • Up to 8 months of selective, preemergence weed control reduces labor and eliminates repeat applications
  • Labeled for use on 150 ornamental plants
  • Broad-spectrum control of over 70 different weeds means fewer escapes and fewer cleanup applications
  • Effective on hard-to-control weeds such as eclipta, bittercress, groundsel, oxalis, marestail, spurge, crabgrass and annual bluegrass
  • Spring or fall application flexibility to meet unique grower needs
  • Labeled for preemergence weed control inside greenhouses beneath benches


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Marengo?

Marengo offers outstanding residual control, lasting up to 8 months. It controls many common weeds and can be used in production and non-crop areas. Plus, Marengo is the only preemergence herbicide labeled for use inside greenhouses beneath benches.

What are the key benefits of Marengo?

The longevity of Marengo reduces labor with fewer preemergence applications and less time making clean up applications. Marengo controls some of the most difficult weeds, including eclipta, bittercress, groundsel, oxalis, marestail, spurge, crabgrass and annual bluegrass. Fall applications offer continuous weed control into the following growing season.

What is the active ingredient?

The active ingredient in Marengo is indaziflam, which has a unique mode of action and is the only active ingredient in the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) Group 29.

Where can Marengo be applied?

Marengo can be applied to field-grown and pot-in-pot nursery ornamentals, ornamental production sites, hardscapes, greenhouse floors, conifers, Christmas trees and non-bearing fruit and nut trees in nurseries.

Can I use Marengo on a wide variety of plants?

Yes, Marengo is labeled for use on over 150 ornamental plants.

How long will the effects last?

Marengo can last for up to 8 months, depending upon environmental conditions and timing of application.
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Broad-spectrum control of over 80 different weeds, spring or fall applications flexibility.

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