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Storcide II®

Stored Grain Insect Protection

Protect your grain against costly damage

Storcide® II* is a liquid stored grain protectant that is applied directly to grain to help stop pests and provide excellent grain and seed protection.

Product Information

  • Compatible with seed treatment products
  • No effect on seed germination
  • Easy to apply prior to binning
  • Can be applied for grain bin sanitation
  • Registered on wheat, oats, barley, sorghum and rice
  • Grain can be consumed the same day as treated

Key Pests

Angoumois grain moth, bean weevil, confused flour beetle, dermestid beetle, granary weevil, Indian meal moth, lesser grain borer, larger grain borer, maize weevil, red flour beetle, rice weevil, sawtoothed grain beetle, tobacco moth

Registered Crops

  • Cereals
  • Rice

Please see the product label for a full list of pests and registered crops.

*Contains 3 ppm Chlorpyrifos-methyl and .5 ppm Deltamethrin

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