The Challenge

Ants, spiders and crickets are just a few of the problems that homeowners don’t want to deal with. In Raleigh, NC, they turn to Insight Pest Solutions. Like most pest management professionals, Insight has employed a wide range of solutions to combat pests — each one with varying degrees of success, but hardly one product that controls everything.

Insight pest solutions case study

The Solutions

Insight was dealing with one particularly tough ant infestation and a host of sprays weren’t cutting it. They tried a different product, which knocked down the ants, but says Adam Villareal, president and co-owner of Insight Pest Solutions, “I got my rear end kicked on all the other bugs, and I was just swapping problems.” He decided to give Temprid a try. Not only did it control the ants, it took care of the crickets, spiders and several other pests, too.

The Results

Villareal realized he had a win-win. “When I was first introduced to Temprid, I was reluctant because the upfront cost is higher,” he says. “But with Temprid, callbacks were reduced. It’s difficult to account for in a spreadsheet, but callbacks, which are done without charge to the customer still incur charges to my business through fuel, wear and tear on a vehicle, lost revenue from other jobs, reduced customer retention and frustrated technicians. Temprid takes care of that.”

Temprid from Bayer.

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