After 15 Years of Research, We’ve Found A Better Way To Treat Mega Colony Ants

August 2016


Fighting mega colony ants like Tawny Crazy Ants has been a headache for PCOs and homeowners for decades. By partnering with Faith Oi, associate extension scientist at the University of Florida, my search for solutions has now led to a proven method for results. For a summary of conclusions, and our simple protocol honed from 15 years of collaborative research, watch the video below.


John Paige III

John Paige III

Ph.D., Senior Scientist


Meet John Paige


John Paige’s earliest childhood memories are of watching ants. He spent countless hours studying their taste preferences and pheromone trails. Now he has put that fascination to use for Bayer as a Senior Scientist for research and development in the Southeast and Caribbean. As such, he has a unique take on pest management and vector control.


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