Get a handle on complex food handling environments.

Commercial food handling accounts are complex. Count on Bayer to give you the flexibility to tackle even the most difficult environments with science-based pest solutions that are easy to execute.

By combining the unstoppable staying power of Suspend® PolyZone® with the original Maxforce® Roach Control System, you have the strength, residual and flexibility you need to tackle the most complex food handling accounts.

Suspend PolyZone Logo
Suspend PolyZone Food Handling Icons
Suspend PolyZone Food Handling Icons

Apply via crack & crevice or spot treatment along door moldings, edges of walls and shelving and furniture legs

Suspend PolyZone is an innovative residual spray that combines the trusted active ingredient, deltamethrin, with a proprietary polymer suspension that locks the AI in place. It stays effective where it’s sprayed even in tough conditions.
  • Proprietary polymer formulation locks the AI in place
  • Proven reduction in callback frequency, which can lead to customer satisfaction and retention
  • Broad-spectrum pest control with fewer applications
  • Provides long-lasting residual control even in wet, greasy environments

Maxforce Logo
Maxforce Food Handling Icons
Maxforce Food Handling Icons

Place baits next to walls around shelving, flush mounted under drawers and next to base of large appliances

Maxforce offers a full line of solutions to control bait-averse roaches, hard-to-kill ants, nuisance flies and more.
  • Gel retains moisture and stays attractive, providing results even where sanitation is poor
  • Controls bait averse/resistant strains of cockroaches
  • Addresses different ant species, food preferences and environment
  • Immediate, long-lasting fly control

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DeltaDust Logo
DeltaDust Food Handling Icons
DeltaDust Food Handling Icons

Treat service ducts, false floors and ceilings as well as wall voids

DeltaDust® is 100 percent waterproof, making it ideal for eliminating pests in wet food handling areas.
  • Provides quick control of ants, cockroaches, flies and other listed pests
  • Labeled for roach control application directly into drains that lead to sewers
  • Kills crawling insects for up to 8 months when left undisturbed
  • Odorless

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