How The Bayer Rodent Monitoring System (RMS) Works

The Bayer RMS is a wireless, tireless network of high-tech sensors added to traps strategically placed around your facility.

High-tech sensors in each trap monitor and broadcast their status through radio signals. These radio signals are then transferred to the cloud via cellular communication. The cloud software sends real-time notifications to users (email, text message) whenever a rodent is caught.

The Bayer RMS portal displays the network of monitors and the current status of each individual monitor. This enables the operator to focus on the area of the infestation and eliminates the need to spend hours manually checking every trap.

Bayer Beyond Pest Management Pest Monitoring Cycle
The system automatically sends real-time capture alerts and regular system status reports:
  • Daily heartbeat messages
  • Movement detection
  • Battery levels
You have real-time rodent program verification and improved audit readiness. Now you and your service provider can concentrate on bigger things.

System Components

Components to Bayer Beyond's Pest Control System
Components to Bayer Beyond's Pest Control System

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