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The Pest Practices Team is here to help you stay up-to-date on the newest trends, research and best practices in pest management. Our team of seasoned experts will interpret the latest news, industry studies and university findings and turn it into easy-to-understand real-world solutions.

Of course, we will also add personal insight and helpful ideas to help you increase your productivity and profitability.

Through our years of product development, research, field testing and on-the-job experience, we'll bring the best of Bayer science to you, so that you can create a better life for your customers and community.

What we do.

The Bayer Pest Practices Team helps keep you in-the-know on all things pest management.

We do this as:

  • Practical advisors that bring you the latest in technical support on a wide range of PMP-related subjects
  • Experienced industry veterans who can provide you with ideas to run your business more efficiently and more effectively
  • Strong advocates for the pest management industry who will help promote new and emerging technology

We want to hear from you.

If you have a question for our team or a topic you would like covered in an upcoming article, let us know. You can also tweet your suggestions to @bayerpestpro, using the #pestpracticesteam hashtag. We'll make sure your message reaches the team. We look forward to your input.

Pest Practices

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