Gregory Pest Solutions Case Study

Gregory Pest Solution

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The Challenge

Given their service territory throughout the Southeast, German cockroach accounts are a staple of Gregory Pest Solutions’ business. For years, they baited with multiple Maxforce products. But as some strains of German cockroaches became increasingly bait-averse, Gregory needed a solution that would work for both bait-averse and non-averse varieties. Long story short: they needed a new approach.


The Solutions

Their Bayer representative introduced Gregory’s technical team to the Maxforce Roach Control System. This three-step approach allowed Gregory to 1) Clean out and reduce populations fast with Maxforce FC Magnum, 2) Maintain with Maxforce FC Select, and 3) Rotate withMaxforce Impact to combat aversion and prevent bait resistance in even the finickiest strains of German cockroach.


The Results

Gregory tried the Maxforce Roach Control System on German cockroach accounts throughout the service area, and their team was unanimously impressed by the results. In addition, the different active ingredients and matrices available inside the Maxforce portfolio helped streamline Gregory’s roach baiting strategy—creating even more cost-savings. Problem solved.