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At 5:30 am, Craig Devereaux, Lawn Route Manager for Turfmaster Lawn Services, opens up shop, loads up the trucks and starts his team off. On Turfmaster’s first day in 1991, he was gearing up for three customers. Yep, three. Today’s task? A chunk of the 17 routes reaching more than 5,000 customers around Sarasota, Florida. Growth like that doesn’t happen by accident.

"Bayer has been very, very good to us. They stand behind their products, and they're there for us."

– Craig Devereaux,
  Turfmaster Lawn Services

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Armada 50 WDG offers effective broad-spectrum control for protection against the toughest diseases that affect both turf and ornamentals, helping to reduce the need for carrying multiple products. Quick-dissolving granules provide easy measurement for efficient loading of both backpack and large tank applicators.
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Celsius is a postemergence, warm-season turf herbicide that handles conditions many other products cannot. It has one of the broadest spectrums of control on the market and controls more than 150 weeds, including troublesome dollarweed, Virginia buttonweed, doveweed and bull paspalum. It achieves control using 25-75% less active ingredient than current postemergence herbicides and provides best-in-class turf safety on St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass turf types.
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A deeply rooted relationship
For Bayer and Ryan Lawn & Trees, it's about more than just lawn care.
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