Nortica® 10 WP is a biological product proven to manage nematode problems. Nortica contains a naturally occurring active ingredient called Bacillus firmus, which protects turf roots from nematodes while delivering exceptional benefits to the root systems. Roots grow deeper, and turf looks healthier.

Stop nematode problems before they start
  • Naturally-occurring active ingredient manages nematodes – before the problem starts
  • Improved turf quality, density and color for highly playable turf
  • Sprayable for easy application with no course closure
  • Proven management of lance, sting and root-knot nematodes

How it works
  • After an application of Nortica 10 WP, the Bacillus firmus spores germinate to form reproductive, vegetative cells that colonize root surfaces
  • This colonization forms a translucent zone on roots, which plant parasitic nematodes cannot penetrate, resulting in the nematodes searching elsewhere for food
  • The layer of protection formed around the root induces production of growth-promoting hormones that actually stimulate root growth and development

Use with Indemnify®

Indemnify is a nematicide that kills and prevents nematodes on warm- and cool-season grasses. Although Nortica protects turf roots from nematodes, it is not a nematicide and will not kill nematodes. It should be incorporated into a regular agronomic program like Indemnify to maximize protection against plant parasitic nematodes.


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