The complete solution for controlling grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges.

The complete solution for controlling grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges.

Tribute® Total provides broad-spectrum, postemergence weed control in Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. It’s the complete solution for the most troublesome weeds.

  • Eliminates need for multiple products
  • Controls many annual and perennial grassy weeds, including dallisgrass
  • Effective control of sedges and kyllingas
  • Controls 55 broadleaf weeds
  • Easily measured for smaller application uses
Weeds controlled
Chickweed, clover, crabgrass (large, smooth), dallisgrass, dandelion, dollarweed, doveweed, fescue, goosegrass, henbit, kylinga, nutsedge, plantain, ryegrass and sedges

Please see the product label for a full list of weeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a customer consider Tribute Total?

Tribute Total provides broad-spectrum control in one complete solution, including dallisgrass, grassy weeds, sedges and many broadleaf weeds.

How does Tribute Total work?

After application, Tribute Total is readily absorbed by the foliage and translocated to the site of action in the growing points of the susceptible plant (meristematic regions). It inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase, which is critical in a plant’s production of three key amino acids. The first visible symptoms are stunting of growth and yellowing or reddening of leaves, followed by death of the plant.

Do adjuvants improve the efficacy of Tribute Total?

Tribute Total requires a spray adjuvant. For most weeds, a non-ionic surfactant can be used, but for certain weeds the addition of methylated seed oil and also ammonium sulfate are suggested.
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