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Celebrating 11 years of success


Green Start Academy is a leadership and development program for assistant superintendents held at the Bayer and John Deere facilities in North Carolina. Since 2006, the goal for this program has been to help assistant superintendents build a strong foundation for their careers, as well as to support the future of golf courses and the entire industry.


Attendees have the unique opportunity to network with peers and receive valuable insights from industry leaders. With topics from career development to budgeting to labor management, the Green Start Academy provides attendees with the education, networking and career insights they need to excel as superintendents and lead our industry into the next decade and beyond.


Congratulations to the 2016 class!

Applications for the 11th annual Green Start Academy are now closed. We received a significant number of applications for the 50 positions making the selection process highly competitive and quite challenging.

Applicants selected to attend the all-expenses-paid, two-and-a-half-day meeting at the Bayer and John Deere facilities in North Carolina have now been notified.  Click here for a list of successful applicants.

We appreciate everyone’s interest in the program and regret we cannot accommodate all applicants. Applicants not selected will be notified by mail and will be provided the opportunity for feedback on their resume and cover letter from Career Advantage LLC, a complimentary service sponsored by Bayer and John Deere.

Registration and travel will be booked August 29 – September 16.  The program will occur October  19 – 21.


We’re proud to say we have over 500 graduates from across the US and Canada.

That's 10 years of recruiting the best in the industry! If you’re an Academy alum and know of a great candidate, please share our page to get the word out about this exciting opportunity.

David Delsandro



"Attending the inaugural Green Start Academy in 2006 was a defining moment in my professional development. Interacting with and listening to the distinguished panel of contributors was a great opportunity. The ability to network with similar, driven assistant superintendents only provided greater motivation in my daily work. John Deere and Bayer provided a first-class, fantastic experience that proved to be very beneficial. I recommend applying to Green Start Academy to our current assistant superintendents on an annual basis.”



DAVID DELSANDRO, Director of U.S. Open Operations & Projects
Oakmont Country Club



Tyler J Otero



"I would recommend every assistant apply to be a part of Green Start Academy. The knowledge you gain from industry experts and your peers is invaluable to continued success in the turf industry. The first-class treatment provided by Bayer and John Deere is an added bonus as well. As a past participant, I can truly say that attending Green Start Academy was part of the jump start I needed to now be a superintendent.



TYLER J OTERO, Golf Course Superintendent
North Jersey Country Club



Billy Weeks
Golf Course Superintendent
Duke University Golf Club • Durham, North Carolina
Bob Farren, CGCS
Director of Golf Courses & Grounds
Pinehurst Resort • Pinehurst, North Carolina
Luke Beardmore, OB Sports
Senior Vice President of Agronomy
Construction & Landscape • Scottsdale, Arizona
Andy Morris, Country Club of Peoria
Andy Morris
Golf Course Superintendent
Country Club of Peoria • Peoria Heights, Illinois
Chris Dew
Golf Course Superintendent
The National Golf Club of Canada • Woodbridge, Ontario
Jeff Corcoran
Manager, Golf Courses & Grounds
Oak Hill Country Club • Rochester, New York
Lukus Harvey
Director of Agronomy
Atlanta Athletic Club • Johns Creek, Georgia
Pat Finlen
General Manager
The Olympic Club • San Francisco, California

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