Chipco® Signature™

Chipco® Signature™

Chipco Signature is different from other fungicides in that it is truly systemic, traveling up and down within the plant. This product is the foundation turf fungicide for disease management and turf quality in every season. Chipco Signature protects turf from stresses during summer and winter decline, and it improves turf quality – color, density, vigor, uniformity and playability.

Proven improvement in turf quality during stress periods

  • Unsurpassed turf quality
  • Helps turf “self manage” stress
  • Provides Pythium control
  • Tank mix options with many fungicides
  • No disease resistance for more than 20 years

Pests controlled

Anthracnose, bentgrass deadspot, Pythium diseases, summer turfgrass decline, yellow tuft


Please see the product label for a full list of pests.

Labels & Sizes

Chipco Signature 5.5 lb bag
4 x 5.5-lb. bags

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