About the Plant Health Scholarship

Two Class A or superintendent members (SM) of GCSAA will each receive a $2,500 scholarship for continuing education in the area of plant health. The scholarship can be used in the following ways:

Toward costs for continuing education at an institution of higher learning. A check will be issued to both the scholarship recipient and the institution.

Toward costs for attending a local, regional or national educational conference or workshop for the purpose of continuing education. The scholarship check will not have taxes withheld for federal or state purposes. Recipients choosing this option will receive Form 1099 from GCSAA in 2015 stating the value of the package based on actual costs, which they will report as other income for 2014. Please consult a tax adviser with any questions.

Applicants must be employed as a golf course superintendent within the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, a Class A or superintendent member (SM) of the GCSAA and be enrolled in My Bayer Rewards customer loyalty program. 

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